Warranty Information

Manufacturer’s Note to YOU, our Client:  Hello! First, thank you so much for your interest in our products and for reading this note.  We value honesty and transparency, therefore we make every effort to provide that to you, our Clients.  We ask that if you have any questions, or if you aren’t happy with your purchase FOR ANY REASON, to please contact us directly and tell us about it.  We want the chance to hear it from you and work to make you happy and make it right.  Here below is the legal Manufacturer’s Warranty. Sincerely, The HPS team

Manufacturer’s Warranty Terms:  Manufacturer, hereinafter “Manufacturer”.  Home Studio Surface, hereinafter “Surface”.  Buyer, hereinafter “Client”. Manufacturer’s Surface segments are warrantied for a period of 1 year from date of delivery to original Client.  There is no other warranty expressed or implied. This Manufacturer’s Warranty guarantees this Surface against defects in material and workmanship at the point of manufacture.  Warranty does not cover variances in patterns, textures or colors of the laminate top (variation of wood grain colors, textures and patterns are a normal part of working with wood and wood-based products).  Warranty does not cover blemishes or chips smaller than 1/8″ x 1/8″.  Warranty does not cover dried adhesive residue appearing on sides of Surface segments.Manufacturer will repair or replace at Manufacturer’s discretion any piece found to be defective; Manufacturer is obligated to do so for the original Client only.  Manufacturer will not be responsible for any other damages. Manufacturer’s Warranty does NOT cover damage caused, whether in whole or in part, by abuse or misuse including outdoor use, normal “wear and tear” indoors, spills, accidents, faulty construction or unevenness of sub-floor or building, excessive dryness or humidity, excessive temperatures or fluctuations, or any other use or method for which the Surface is not designed. Online, verbal, and printed descriptions of the Surface, including 3D models and life-sized samples, furnished by Manufacturer are for the sole purpose of identifying the product.  No warranty has been implied or expressed that the product would conform to those descriptions, models, or specifications. Manufacturer disclaims any warranty of fitness for any particular purpose whatsoever with respect to the products being sold, and Client acknowledges that he or she is not relying on the Manufacturer’s skill or judgment to select or furnish product suitable for any particular purpose. There are no other warranties, expressed or implied, that extend beyond the conditions described herein nor any contracts executed herewith.