Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully before making your purchase.

*All orders made through this online store are considered custom orders, made as requested by Buyer.  All orders are NON RETURNABLE and CANNOT BE CANCELLED once production is started, due to the custom and made-to-order processes involved.*

In consideration of the purchase, delivery, and installation/assembly of the Home Studio Surface, I as the Buyer hereby release and hold harmless HomePoleStudios.com LLC and its agents from any liabilities and claims arising from Home Studio Surface delivery, assembly, installation, or usage. I agree that I will never prosecute or in any way aid in the prosecuting of any demand, claim or suit against HomePoleStudios.com LLC, and any officer, agency, or any employee acting officially or otherwise, for any loss, damage or injury to my person or property that may occur as a result of delivery, assembly, installation, or usage of Home Studio Surface.

With regard to shipping and delivery, I understand that my item will not ship until payment in full is received for my item and its shipping services.  I understand that the cost of shipping is included in some packages and not others, as specified in the information on this website.  I understand that production time is estimated (but not guaranteed) to take 6-8 weeks, as all items are custom-made.

CONSCIENTIOUS CONSUMER: As a conscientious consumer, I have read the seller’s product description, frequently asked questions, and/or educated myself on seller’s products and their delivery, usage and care.

INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE:  Claims for damage, shortage or errors in shipping must be reported within one (1) day following delivery to Buyer. Buyer shall have three (3) days from the date Buyer receives any products to inspect such products and services for defects and non-conformance which are not due to damage, shortage or errors in shipping and notify Seller, in writing, of any defects, nonconformance or rejection of such products. If such inspection is performed, it must take place prior to any alteration or installation of the products. Buyer cannot return products without a return material authorization (RMA) number. Returned products must be in original shipping cartons or equivalent. Buyer must return all products, freight prepaid, as specified in the RMA and pay for any restocking charges. After such three (3) day period, Buyer shall be deemed to have irrevocably accepted the products, if not previously accepted. After such acceptance, Buyer shall have no right to reject the products for any reason or to revoke acceptance.

LIMITED WARRANTY: HPS will transfer to Buyer any Product warranties and indemnities authorized by the manufacturer, including any transferable warranties. HPS warrants the Products will conform to the manufacturer’s specifications. HPS MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. HPS MAKES NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR PURPOSE OR NON-INFRINGEMENT.  WARRANTY IS VOIDED: By exposure of products to heat above normal ambient temperatures, such as in processes of welding or powder coating. Exception is made for use of product in an elevated temperature environment: (1) Where prior testing shows that laminating adhesive has performed satisfactorily, and (2) Where operating temperature has not exceeded tested limits.  This warranty applies only to Product that is properly installed using accepted standard industry procedures. The conditions of any tests shall be mutually agreed upon and HPS shall be notified of and may be represented at, all tests that may be made.