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Home Pole Studios CEO Farley Lynn
Home Pole Studios CEO Farley Lynn
farley lynn

Specialties & Instructional Strengths:

Creating a Show or Performance
Sensual/Exotic Flow
Handstands & Other Grounded Inversions
Pole Skills - All Levels


Farley -- known to the Instagram world as @catladypoleaddict -- is a lifelong performer, entrepreneur, writer and animal-lover.

Farley's recent titles & achievements include:
2021 Miss Nude World Newcomer Pole Champion
2019 Grandview Live Pole Dance Champion

About Farley:

After a 10-year career of teaching, non-profit and political work all over the nation, she found herself settling down in Orlando and walked into a pole dance studio looking to make some friends.

Learning to pole dance had a transformative impact on her physically, emotionally and mentally. Developing strength and mobility in her back has helped her to live better and more functionally than ever with severe scoliosis.  Building confidence through sensual movement has enabled her to share that gift with others through performance and teaching.

Farley founded Home Pole Studios in 2015 when she needed a dance floor for her pole room at home.  She brought the first Home Studio Surface to market in 2016 with the goal of creating products that enhance home studio spaces of every size.

Today, Home Pole Studios has a broader mission: forging opportunities for creative & financial empowerment of all those who possess the divine feminine spirit.

When she's not in "business mode," Farley is a plant-based cat mom who loves making her own schedule, traveling, performing, and trading lessons with bad-ass dancers and entertainers she encounters all over the world.



Megan “Bunni” Thompson (@lovelaughdanz) began her dance training at the age of eight. She continued her study in dance and graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in Dance and Choreography. She has worked with many world-renowned choreographers such as Robert Battle, Jawole Zollar, and Tania Isaac. When she lost her mother to cancer, it was dance that got her through it. Being able to express herself through movement, dance became a visual journal that allowed her to cope with life’s challenges.⁠

Bunni discovered a new discipline — pole dance — when she began training for pole competitions with Vertical Joe’s Pole Fitness Studio @verticaljoes in 2013. She was honored to be a finalist in The Pole Classic (2013) shortly after. ⁠

She currently holds the title for Southern Pole Championships 2014 Senior Dramatic Level 4, NAPDC 2014 National Essential Division, NAPDC 2014 Sexy Chair Dance, and Miss Texas Pole Star 2014 Pro Division.⁠ 

Bunni has since showcased and taught workshops at the Michelle Mynx Extravaganza, Live Dancing Girls, NAPDC, and @intlpoleconvention, and is also a Brand Ambassador for the fabulous @artistaapparel.⁠

Home Pole Studios Sponsored Athlete Bunni

Specialties & Instructional Strengths:

Artistic, Contemporary, & Choreography
Tricks and Combos


Sponsored Athlete @aerialzen has won 9 World Championships in Pole; and has been a featured pole artist on NBC, Inside Edition, and AOL practicing in her Home Pole Studio. ⁠

In her own words:⁠
As a 68-year-old pole artist, I am faced with numerous challenges, but those challenges have become my thrusting block for inner growth and to serve others.⁠

In 2012, the first time I was invited to compete on America Ninja Warrior, I was shocked to learn I was the oldest person to ever attempt the course. I thought, “where is everyone else?” That moment I had an epiphany where I realized the importance of using my art form to empower others to believe in themselves and to become the best that they can become. I began creating choreography based on the empowering archetype of transformation and competing to give visibility to my message.⁠

Striving to make a difference in the lives of others is one of the biggest reasons I train and compete. Pole Fitness has become my platform to help manifest my mission to in some way inspire others to not let age or any limitation stand in the way of passionately pursuing their dreams.⁠

Home Pole Studios Sponsored Athlete Greta Pontarelli

Specialties & Instructional Strengths:

Owning the stage
Engaging choreography
Deadlifts of all kinds!

Gemma Lux poses at a street festival

Specialties & Instructional Strengths:

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Pole/Floor
Showgirl & Burlesque
Exotic Flow
Competition training


Gemma Lux is an award-winning Showgirl, Pole Dancer, Instructor, and Makeup Artist (G.LUX GLAMOUR) based in Florida, USA. She dazzles audiences all over the world with her polished and flirty style of Classique Pole. Gemma embraces the sexy side of pole dance, and shines on stage, as she is a seasoned performer. She loves the showgirl life!

Gemma is an artist in more ways than one. She also enjoys making magic as a freelance makeup artist! She works closely with Candra Cain Photography as her resident MUA. Both makeup artistry and pole dance instructing bring Gemma so much joy. She loves transforming how someone sees themselves, by making them feel gorgeous on their special day. Gemma loves to help people reach their goals, find their sexy, and strives to inspire and enrich lives all over the world.

In her own words: “My journey is literally a dream come true. I worked my tail off to get here though. But, if I can do it, you can too!! Believe it.”

Impulse Pole Dance Instructor - 9 years
Producer of Lux Pole Cabaret
Femme’s & Follies - Pole Dancer
LesVixen Burlesque
Cleo’s Rock N Pole Instructor - 3 years
Cleo’s Rock N Pole Certified
ABM Instructor
MUA 4 years
Pole Theatre USA 2016 “Classique” Division
Thee Dollhouse Competition 2016 FL, 2nd Place
USPDF 2016 Pro Qualifier NYC, 3rd Place
USPSF 2016 Pole Art Division FL, Finalist
USPDF Pro Championships NYC, “Miss Sexy” 2017
USPDF 2017 Pro Competition Texas, 3rd Place


Milani @milani.symoane is a Chemical Engineer by day and a pole enthusiast by night. When she’s not poling for stress relief, she can be found starting a new craft project (which she may or may not complete). Milani began teaching pole recently, and has found so much gratification from seeing the growth in her students. She hopes to show others that though weight and size can fluctuate, these things do not have to affect your confidence, and as long as you love yourself you can be SEXY. ⁠
In 2019, Milani competed in the Kiss My Curves competition (@kissmycurvespole) and became a certified Level 1 and 2 XPERT pole instructor. Competing has strengthened her determination and allowed her to focus her training on a specific goal!⁠
She plans on competing again not only at Kiss My Curves but also at PSO in the exotic division @polesportorg. ⁠
📸Photo by Candra Cain

Home Pole Studios Brand Ambassador Milani Symoane

Specialties & Instructional Strengths:

Exotic Flow & Performance
Liquid Motion

Home Pole Studios Brand Ambassador Karmen

Specialties & Instructional Strengths:

Liquid Motion


Karmen is a wife, mother and fitness enthusiast. She began her pole journey 12 years ago as a student, and now she has been teaching for over 7 years!  She owns and teaches at @enchantressdanceandfitness in New Orleans. She is a frequent competitor and judge at Pole Sport Organization competitions, and she is a unicorn ambassador for the organization as well as an ambassador for Home Pole Studios.
Karmen has completed the USPSF judges training and holds numerous certifications including: Liquid Motion certified instructor, Vertical Joe's certified Twerk Technician, PIYO certified, Amourous Pole Dance and Fitness certified, Vertical Pole Studio Lyra certified, and ACE-certified personal trainer.

Looking forward, Karmen will be furthering her performance goals by performing at PoleCon and continuing to teach & dance at her home studio and at Enchantress.


@ms_princess_jae’s interest in fitness and dance led her to Foxy Fitness Studio & Pole in Orlando five years ago. She has been teaching for 3 years and is still a student herself.

Along with teaching signature pole classes like "sexy flexy poleography" and "polezone” (flow/fluidity/floorwork) she also teaches twerk workshops and flirty dirty chair classes.

She has performed alongside a stellar cast in a consistently sold-out show at the Orlando Fringe Festival, plus Headcanon, Ms. Brown's Colors of Burlesque, PoleCon ‘18 & ‘19 and Dance Filthy! Jaé won a Bronze medal in the 2018 Pole Sport Organization Southeast Championship competition in the lowflow division!!

"I love teaching and learning the sexy and sensual side of pole, and I love to help my students embrace their sexy side."

Home Pole Studios Brand Ambassador Jae

Specialties & Instructional Strengths:

Musicality, Flow, Choreography



@luckys_room’s pole dance fitness journey began in 2012 while seeking a different and fun workout after recovering from a car accident. Long story short... She is now the owner of Lucky's Room Fitness Studio, an XPERT 1/2 certified pole dance instructor, an ACE certified group fitness instructor, and four-time PSO competition medalist @polesportorg! ⁠
She recently expanded Lucky's Room by venturing into virtual fitness and offers online classes, coaching, and tutorials on Patreon.com. ⁠
Lucky’s preference for exotic style dance has led her students to refer to her as the "Queen of Drip Drop." She shares the art of pole dance through empowering others and blazing the stage with sexy, entertaining performances. As a fitness instructor and Licensed Psychological Associate in the mental health field, her passion is to treat the whole individual...mind, body, and spirit. 💜

Lucky was a Brand Ambassador for Home Pole Studios from 2018-2021.  She continues to bring performance art, high-quality instruction, and a joyful heart to the pole industry through her personal content and her studio, Lucky's Room.

Home Pole Studios Brand Ambassador Lucky
Home Pole Studios Brand Ambassador Leah


Leah, better known to the Instagram world as @bittersweet9609, grew up dancing and acting in Columbia, Missouri. She eventually went on to graduate from Stephens College with a major in dance and minor in music. She pursued a career in freelance choreography but that wasn't quite fulfilling, career-wise. ⁠

Leah discovered pole in the summer of 2014, started teaching @musepolefitness in 2015, and then began competing and performing all around the nation!

Some of her proudest achievements include: ⁠
-Teaching at the @intlpoleconvention in 2018, 2019 and looking forward to 2021
-Being crowned 2019 Dance Filthy USA Professional Champion 👑 @dancefilthyusa
-Placing top 3 in 2016, 2017, and 2018 at Dance Filthy USA ⁠
-Opening for Suicide Girls: Blackheart Burlesque @sgblackheartburlesque
-Choreographing and Co-Producing Vertical Desires @verticaldesires
-Managing Muse Pole Fitness and running an award-winning competition team⁠

Leah was a member of the Home Pole Studios team from 2019 - 2021 and she continues to perform, teach & influence the pole industry.


Black Unicorn is an Entrepreneur, US Navy veteran, Certified Liquid Motion Instructor and Certified Zumba Instructor at Soft Sensuous Moves @ssmfitsa in San Antonio, TX. ⁠

Her mission: to empower women to live their best lives through dance fitness. Dance and Fitness give voice to her story!⁠

Follow her journey of expression @blackunicorn_dreams on Instagram.

Black Unicorn was a Brand Ambassador for the Home Pole Studios team from 2018-2021.  Today she continues her life journey by learning additional healing modalities to share with her students & audience.

Home Pole Studios Brand Ambassador BlackUnicorn
Home Pole Studios Sponsored Athlete Jena clough


Jena (@jena_clough_dreamfyrepolefit) is a hot pole dancing mama with a passion for all things pole and movement.
Her drive to make her dreams come true has led her on a decade-long pole dance journey (so far!) that has taught her both love and self-expression through dance.
Jena is a self-taught pole dancer who has trained with many of her pole idols and hopes to continue learning all things related to the aerial arts!
She owns DreamFyre Pole Fitness (@dreamfyre_pole_fitness) and instructs at her two locations in Massachusetts.  She is also a Cleo’s Rock N Pole Certified Instructor.
In 2019, Jena received her Pro Card at USPDF, placing 3rd in Women’s Amateur Division.
Looking forward, Jena is excited to produce the 2nd Exotic Alchemy Pole Show (@exoticalchemypoleshow) and to perform every chance she gets!

Jena was a Sponsored Athlete with the Home Pole Studios team from 2017 - 2021.  Today she continues creating beautiful performance art, content, and courses for her students & audience.

BKO headshot (1080 x 1080 px) (1)

Sales Manager

Brandon AKA "Accro Brandon"

Brandon @accrobrandon started pole dancing in 2008 when he started dating a girl who happened to be a pole and aerial performer. Little did he know it would lead him deep down this path! In 2011, he started competing professionally.

Shortly after Brandon started doing competitions, he moved back to San Diego and started teaching at his local studio. As he started traveling for competitions, he would also hang around and do workshops at local studios or locations of friends in the community.

Some of Brandon’s best moments on stage have been with other individuals but also as he started to believe in himself, and started getting paying gigs, international contracts and working for Cirque style companies!

Brandon holds certifications from Acro Yoga Montreal, as well as being a Liquid Motion Master Trainer.

One of Brandon’s personal favorite aerial experiences was cruising the Caribbean with Norwegian Cruise Lines doing aerial and pole.