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Our Story

Home Pole Studios is the world leader in removable pole dance floors, and its sister company Elite Pole Dance Solutions is an emerging leader in transformational stagecraft courses for pole performers.


We are passionate about dance, and we believe in the transformative power of performance art. We also recognize the importance of a dedicated, inspiring dance space.


Home Pole Studios was founded in 2015 when Farley Lynn designed and built the first Home Studio Surface to finish out her home dance room. Several months later, she trekked out to Pole Expo to launch the company & our flagship product.


This year (2020) we are on track to have our best year yet. Each year, we grow our reach and strengthen our impact, both on the pole community and on our own goals & dreams!


Our mission is
• to promote the art and sport of pole dancing,
• to forge opportunities for the creative and financial empowerment of all those who possess the divine feminine spirit, and
• to celebrate diversity through inclusiveness.


We aim to do this by providing the best-designed and highest-quality home studio solutions for pole dancers, by offering the most unique transformational performance & stagecraft courses for pole dancers, and by creating unique opportunities for performers to share their art and generate wealth.

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Your professional-grade, removable studio flooring solution made for pole dance and yoga.

The Home Studio Surface is the world's favorite removable flooring solution for pole dancers & yogis.
‘Floating’ means that the Home Studio Surface sits upon the existing flooring and is not permanently attached to anything with hardware or adhesives. It can be efficiently removed, stored, and re-assembled.
Home Pole Studios’ ultra-lightweight, scratch-resistant panels make the Home Studio Surface the highest-quality removable flooring solution for pole dancing at home.

Our Surfaces: Quick Facts

Home Pole Studios Sponsored Athlete Bunni

• Colors: Classic White, Classic Black, Magenta, Rich Cherry (pictured left), Warm Maple
• Sizes: 4x4', 8x8’, 8x12’, 8x16’
• Custom Panels: 4x8, 4x10, 5x10 - inquire
• Measures less than 1” thick, and each panel weighs about 54 lbs.
• Ideal solution for carpeted areas. Can be used on top of tile, concrete and more
• Suitable for all climate-controlled rooms of the house, condo, or apartment
• Install can be modified by the user for greater shock absorption
• Can be disassembled and stored easily
• Scratch-resistant laminate top and lightweight vibration-dampening core create an ideal surface for pole dance and yoga
• Simple assembly, tools included
• Professional look and feel for your sacred space -- ideal for virtual classes, in-person privates, content creation