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Atlanta, GA

I absolutely love my Home Pole Studios flooring! Especially with the unfortunate circumstances of the world and Covid-19 forcing us to stay indoors, it completely transformed my pole room into a studio!

When teaching my virtual online classes it also gives me a very professional look.

Thanks Home Pole Studios!!!!



Cape Cod, MA

I am in love with my home pole space.

It was vital to have my own space to expand and grow and the home studio surface has definitely provided me with that.

This floor provides me with a smooth and easy-to-clean surface to play on. Assembly was easy and it really completed my sacred space.

I never want to leave this room!



Cary, NC

I was initially impressed by the quality and durability of my floor surface.

However, once I saw how sunlight and UV light makes my surface pop even more, I knew it was a great investment to enhance my dance experience!


Greta Pontarelli

San Diego, CA

I love my Home Pole Studios floor not only because a floating floor makes my training safer, but it allows me to create a space which inspires me and draws me into the studio to train.

Screenshot_20200712-150454_Video Player

Princess Jaé

Orlando, FL

I love my floor!!

It fits perfectly in my room, its smooth (perfect for slinky crawls and shoulder stands).  I can't imagine doing floorwork on my tile floor at home also, the color is amazing. (Magenta!)


Mary Russo

Colorado Springs, CO

I am very happy with my 8×16 Home Studio Surface.

I planned on making a custom pole space in my garage for nearly 2 years. One of the issues I was faced with was what to use for flooring in my garage.

When I saw what Home Pole Studios had to offer I was convinced that this was the solution, and it was!

It was important to me to have a smooth, beautiful surface to dance on in my garage studio. My Home Studio Surface fit the bill.

I use it nearly daily for my own personal use and to train my personal training/pole clients. I have 2 poles that I can have up or take down, and a lyra.

Sometimes I take everything down so that I can have a wide open surface if I want.

My Home Studio Surface has been a perfect solution for flooring in my home pole space!


Jena Clough

Cape Cod, MA

I’ve been using a Home Studio Surface for about 3 years now. This is a great investment for anyone who wants to have options on where they set up their pole room or floorwork area.

I bought my first Surface to set up a home pole room for about 2 years (room has carpet). It was awesome having a space I could use, without having to drive to the studio or be in the middle of the living room with furniture, kids’ stuff etc.

Then I sold the first one and got the current version, and now I actually use it at my studio, DreamFyre Pole Fitness. I used it as the performance stage at our first showcase and it rocked! I loved having a real stage area for the performers, and a nice floor that was easy to move around on (if you have ever performed on floors that were NOT, you know this is super important). Right now it’s serving as a floorwork area where we practice & record videos.

Great investment — definitely recommend it! This is the best product for home polers who have carpet, and studio owners can definitely benefit from having a surface around, trust me it comes in handy.


Lady Ly

Champaign, IL

I am very impressed with how easy it is to assemble and disassemble (if you can even call it that) the floor.

When I need my full floor space, I can take down my pole and prop the floor against the wall in about a minute. Could not be more thrilled about how easy it is to use this product!

When I am dancing on the surface, I cannot tell that it is a floating floor. I love that I don’t need to worry about seams, bumps, or just general unevenness. It is incredible sturdy and feels like I’m in the studio.



San Antonio, TX

I love my dancing surface because it’s a firm foundation for my self expression through dance fitness and yoga!